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Holly Buchanan

"I'm too sexy for my candy bar" - good one Michele!

I'm with you on this one. I wrote about how "Men are from Mars, Women are from Hershey". Hershey's Bliss is targeting a similar audience, but with a very female friendly approach.

we'll see who comes out ahead.

Yvonne DiVita

Michele, how on target you are! This is appalling! Once again, a brand that knows it's missing out by not approaching the HUGE women's market with something very focused, has listened to either a clueless agency, or a brand manager that... never bothered to ask women the right question: would this campaign appeal to you?

I wonder, however, if this isn't aimed at younger women - sadly, as noted in a post I did on Lipsticking, for a woman's shaver from Gillette, [ http://www.lipsticking.com/2009/04/parody-taken-to-a-new-level-funny-or-offensive.html ] younger women are not bothered by this kind of advertising. They not only accept it, they find it humorous.

Whether it will get them to buy, is another question. It just makes me shake my head in wonder.

Susqn Ross, Business Development Coach

Is this just the epitomy of using the titillation card to sell to women? Like we need SEXual inuendo to be inspired to eat chocolate... No doubt the model in the ad will be an 85lb waif who looks like anything but a choc-o-holic. Younger women may have a more base sense of humor these days but such ads smack of a fraternity boy mentality reaching to a pretty low consumer level. How many women were on this committee I wonder? Godiva for me please:).

Bruce Christensen

I think that a group of dirty old men thought this one up...
Women deserve to be treated better than this and Mars should not get away with all the sex-based innuendo.
My wife votes Godiva!

Kelly Watson | Womenwise Marketing

Puh-lease. The whole 'food as sex' thing is just plain lazy marketing. And do they honestly think an ad like that is going to be titillating? Maybe to 12-year-olds. But this 25-year-old is rolling her eyes.


My secret chocolate research centre, which I did while very bored in about 10 minutes late on a friday night in... 1998? I think (with no updates since then!) still holds to be true:

DR Wright

Um, it looks like a twix for ladies.
and no, we are not that dumb
Dr. Wright

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