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I believe the same can be said about Asian American women. I'm glad all this stuff is coming out of the woodwork.

Ghennipher Weeks

Interesting findings...although marketing to the "average white female" still leaves much to be desired, as well.

As a bi-racial woman (latino + african american) working with companies to help change antiquated views of marketing to women, I find that advertising in general still tends to miss the real needs of most women and targets demographics which are almost characatures of real life. Findings like this certainly help bring awareness to the importance of truly understanding a diverse set of customers, especially in industries traditionally targeted to white males.


Charity - you're so right. There are many segments of the female population that deserve more attention. And I think the time has definitely arrived!

Ghennipher - you are right that the "average white female" deserves more attention, too. :-) I think that if industries took the time to get to know from the "inside out" some of those cultural barriers would automatically disappear.


I feel there is an even larger gap based on the soci-economic status of African American women. Specially in the area quality or conscious products and services.
Products and services that tear down are much easier to find than those to build health, wellness, and wealth. I have often wondered if this was by design.

Dr Wright

I think its true, when every commercial with an African American woman seems to somehow have dancing in it, it make you wonder what they are thinking.

Dr. Letitia Wright
The Wright Place TV Show

Anthony Jones

Dear Beautiful Black Women,don't allow someone to define you.Buy products that make you feel special.

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It's sad to hear that companies have no clue and doesn't recognize them.
The report is certainly very encouraging.Hope thing will turn around from here on.

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