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What an intriguing post Michele! Loving it. People talk about NLP etc yet, there's as you've pointed out, we forget the visual surroundings of our own offices, places of business.

Everything has to be congruent for a customer to invest in YOU.

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Dr Wright

a beauty meter is a good idea

Dr. Wright
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John Furgurson

Good point about the beauty meter. Many companies should also use it on the homepage of their website. That's an area that's often overlooked when it comes to visual appeal. I have some insight on that this week on my blog.

Lynn Baldwin-Rhoades

Great post - thanks. I pop over to read your blog quite often and appreciate what you write.

In my own life, I see a huge difference in my attitude and productivity when my office is looking good rather than messy, piled high with stacks of paper.

Oops--I just looked around. Think I need to clean it up. : )


Interesting post. I wonder if this suggests that the female customer is also looking more at the (thinking of an internet selling site) layout of the site, the customer service and the feeling she gets from the experience? As a seller you hear that you should make your site a destination. Do the female customers linger and notice more?

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