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Janie Curtis

I think that this is a great idea. I often talk about how women are much more inclined to notice the details surrounding a brand or retail experience than their male counterparts, and this is a great example. Thanks for sharing.

Carson Coots

It's simple, straightforward and timely. It begs to be read. Any normal postcard with lifestyle/fashion photos would surely be tossed, but this one is special.

Sharon Wilson

Wonderful post and example. I'm certainly drawn to the simple and straightforward message with a touch of "something different". Thanks for sharing.

Bob Poole

I had my best handwriting turned into a font that I use on a card just like the J. Crew example. With a colored ink it looks pretty close to hand created and I get a lot of good feedback. I used this company http://www.fontgod.com/ and they were great but there are probably more.


I received the exact same note with my order last month - it put a smile on my face when I read it!

Devin@Chicago mattress stores

So many ideas in business are acknowledged as great ideas that should be done, but are placed on the back-burners to day-to-day duties.

What separates a truly outstanding business is the freedom to accomplish great ideas like this quickly and efficiently.

There is no reason why every business shouldn't do little things like this for their customers, but it is still a rarity.

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