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Wonderful post, and thank you for the story and the photos. I love old photos, but more than that, love to hear when women have some connection with those who came before us, that they are real to us. I'm starting a design business soon, and have been listening to marketing podcasts where they talk about looking at the woman as she enters your shop.

Does her handbag match her shoes? Is her handbag perhaps fake? How can you take this info and perhaps assist her in choosing something that's right for her? I don't like the idea of making up a customer's mind for her. I don't like judging immediately and certainly not based on externals. While the podcasts and all the research I'm doing are very helpful and informative overall, the bottom line would seem to be that if the customer doesn't get something she's happy with, she isn't apt to be a repeat customer or to refer her friends. I have to make up my own mind with my business.

Why start off on the wrong foot -- and judge a person by something like what shoes she's wearing? If someone did that to me, they'd make a big mistake on what my tastes were!

Thanks again for the post.

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