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David Wolfe


Wonderful, wonderful are these words you have just spoken! Labels have value -- to a point -- they serve as shorthand in our cognitive and communication processes. But when they are used to circumvent critical thinking, they can be dangerous. Clearly, you have matured beyond being directed by labels. Male and female, conservative and liberal, straight and gay, young and old, etc. are constructs that are best engaged sparingly without compromising their respective subtle distinctions. Viewing people in terms of humanistic values as opposed to viewing them through the distorted lens of labels is indeed a more civilized way of regarding our fellow human beings.

Thanks again for your beautiful wisdom on this point -- regardless of your voting preferences!


Marti Barletta

Hi, Michele -

Fantastic post! You have articulated for all of us - in language both powerful and poetic - the truth that lies at the heart of one of the most discussed and least understood elements of this election.

Isn't it astonishing that, despite enormous awareness of the importance of "the women's vote," the media and certain candidates seem to be blissfully ignorant about the woman voter? Just when we thought we had gone beyond soccer moms, security moms and most recently single moms as overly simplified handles for the multi-million multi-minded women who will determine the outcome of this election, we see again that some of the key players in this campaign are having a hard time keeping up.

Some are struggling more than others, I would say. The very idea that appointing a woman running mate would cause any substantial portion of the 18 million women who backed Hillary to jump the fence on their beliefs and priorities simply to vote for someone of the female persuasion....! Well, happily, I'm not on the convention docket, because it simply leaves me speechless!

Having already tipped my hand as to who I might be favoring in November - ;>) - I can't resist sharing one more woman's take on this surprising development. Click here for Maureen Dowd's hilarious column on what she calls the Miss Congeniality candidate. I mean no disrespect to Governor Palin - but the situation itself is such a Hollywood scenario. And with a simple pair of spectacles, Sandra Bullock could slip right into the part with nary a change in hair or make-up.

Well, Michele - just wanted to thank you and congratulate you on a wonderful and worthwhile point of view, blindingly clear and beautifully written. It will be fascinating to watch developments unfold from here, don't you think?

jeannine McChesney



Nice post. Well written. Good point of view.
Thanks for sharing these ideas.

Christine Scaman

I agree! I'm a Canadian, but remember hearing the assumptions in the media that Gov. Palin's nomination would just automatically bring McCain more female voters.
While we seem to naturally place a lot of trust in our sisters, I'm not certain that it carries over into govnt. It's almost insulting to presume that women voters will say the equivalent of "I'm a girl and she's a girl, so she'll be my friend and look out for me."
It's as true as saying "Obama is handsome so more women will vote for him". It actually implies that we diminish or don't fully understand our responsibility as voters.

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