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Great points. We also have a small business in the Phoenix Metro area and have enjoyed success by not being the "typical" contractor. People are always surprised that we are on time, follow up, and are efficient. By the way...I enjoy reading your blog.

Sasha Tacker

We own a Boutique store in Bombay, India.
My mother runs it and my father funds it. and me and my brother go there in our free time after work, and help my mother sell the clothes to the customers.

We make sure every customes goes back fully satisfied. we customize garments, alter, home deliver for their convinience.
We have installed a tea/coffe machine, and offer them complimentary tea, coffee/mineral water.
We do not offer any discounts on the garments.
But we offer personal styling,if u might call it that, to each and ervy customer. and make them feel like a princess.
Small talk is our biggest trump card, and the tacker family is too damn good at that!

Our customers remember our name, and always bring back a friend along to shop.

Janet Engel

Really love this article, as I manage a sales team that sells to retail Travel Agents that are in what I would deem "chronic struggle mode". This encourages all of us to go back to that which makes us different and doing those things consistantly. I am now linking to you from my blog -- thanks for the insight!

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