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And that's also why women are good at finding things in cupboards (I think I read about it in Allan Peases's Why men don't listen and women can't read maps - which annoyed and amsued me in equal measure)

Sandie Law

Great post! I had no idea there was scientific evidence for what I've intuitively known to be true for ages. Great tips on how to market/sell to women! Even though I am a woman, I find it's helpful to take in as much advice about it as I can. :)

Salama Evans

What a brilliant article! I read it just when I was working on a website page with my husband and it explained exactly the differences in how we saw the artwork, colours used, shading, etc. This comes up all the time in work we do as partners in a business, but it is beneficial rather than detrimental to our work. Thanks for giving me an excuse for my distractions at times when he is so focused. By the way I am a great map reader as well and can find all the interesting stops enroute!

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