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David Lively

While not necessarily talking about the difference between men and women's brain wiring the Dr Rene Marios of the Human Information Processing Laboratory at Vanderbilt University, of which he is the chair, is furthering the research and deepening the understanding of your post.

In the research article Fougnie, D. & Marois, R. (2006). Distinct capacity limits for attention and working memory: Evidence from attentive tracking and visual working memory paradigms. Psychological Science, 17(6), 526-534. I believe his study of (MOT) multiple object tracking will eventually lead to a breakthrough understanding that women are hard wired to be at least four times as likely to be able to multi-task and being able to quickly access information from the left and right hemispheres of the brain.

Keep giving us the good stuff…thanks

Nathan Lands

Very interesting article, I had no clue that woman had 4 times more connections between the left and right part of their brain. How you described woman as actually feeling what they are reading gives me a lot to think about.

Nathan Lands
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Tampa, FL


It's not just the way the signals come in to a female brain that should make a difference in how businesses market to women. The fact that women make more than 85 percent of all consumer purchases and either make or primarily influence the purchase of 91 percent of all new homes should be enough to get businesses interested in tailoring their marketing to her perspective. According to Woman-Centric Matters, a marketing organization in Omaha that helps businesses develop a woman-centric approach, it just makes sense to center the buying experience around those who do most of the buying.


Great newsletter but you lose credibility when you mistake 'hurdle' for 'hurtle'... UGH!

Jerry Hollingsworth

Venerian For A Reason...From college psych MANY years ago I learned that those emotions that women attach to "things" and events existed to provide a better response to slowly changing or evolving events whereas males needed the instant decision (yep, "fight or flight"). In business I have observed that the most effective leaders are able to make sound decisions quickly then inspire the initiation of the project. The most effective managers are those that sense the nuances of a project (or team) and then are able to manipulate the pieces for efficiency (or at least achievement of the goal). While not always driven along gender lines I have found the best managers are in fact - women and the best leaders men. This has nothing to do with pay, authority, or any of that poly-soc-pseudo-correctness; just an observation.

Great article - good for the brain cells to hurtle over the hurdles!

Varun Badhwar

Hi Michele,

Couldn't resist adding to this post.

I have read a lot of books on Psychology,How Mind Works, How Mind forgets, How mind remembers but still dint read that a woman’s brain has four times as many connections between the left and right hemispheres as that of a man’s.

So, great work.

I would agree with Nathan, as he is right when he says, that most of the purchases are either made by women or influenced by women.

Thats why Companies have tapped this tendency and are coming out with more women centric Ad campaigns.

I think its more to do with women being decision makers rather than the state of their brain.


Varun Badhwar

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