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Teresa Morrow

This is some great sound advice in a economy that is indeed a bit scary.
I like the idea of "mixing" things up with your marketing efforts. Perhaps try to be more visible online at networking events and groups. This will save you on some resources such as gas however, you still are able to get your name out there.
I also connect with your "stay" in touch with your current customers and keep them happy and beyond. See if there is a way you can save them a bit of money by offering small discounts.
Perhaps seek out a business partnership so you don't have to carry all the financial burden on a project. However, be sure the project is something that will benefit both parties.
Another thing to be mindful of is to seek out discounts and special offerings for your business as well. For instance, Staples offers $3 off each used printing cartridge you bring back. Hey, you may say $3 isn't much...but in this economy...it can mean a lot!
Also, conserving resources will help save some money. Using both sides of paper, not printing as much, recycle paper and plastic, carpool if you can.

All of these things help in this crazy economy.

Thanks Michele for these great marketing ideas.


Teresa Morrow


How about cultivating word of mouth and positive blogging comments while the market is flat? Those comments won't go away once the market is up again and they'll forever after boost your product's reputation.

Yvonne DiVita

I like the way you think, Michele. We ladies are feeling the pinch, so it would be great if the companies we frequent would not buy into all the gloom and doom (or at least not talk about it to us!) and, instead, hold steady, give us options, and ask our opinion now and then. The resulting feeling of good will is what helps stay the course.


Good marketing skills..very elaborate and details..

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