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Jane Sanders

So happy to see another esteemed professional who agrees with me that our biological differences are huge and generate the majority of communication differences between men and women. We are different from conception, and equal at the same time. Our job is to be aware of those differences and learn how to work with them more effectively.

Teresa Morrow

Great and very interesting post Michele.

I didn't realize about the difference between how men and women receive information. That can explain quite a bit.

And I agree with Jane, our job is to be aware of the differences and learn how to work WITH them more effectively.

And some of the companies wonder why women don't respond the way they think we should to certain ads or promotions?


I always have a hunch that women are more intelligent than men..


The next insight that will be likely to emerge will be that the difference is not "all women one way - all men the other" but a gradation with more men nearer to one end and more women nearer the other. (cf gender-height correlation)

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