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Mary Hunt

Transparency is what happens when you can see right through the stupid in an ad, right? (I'm kidding) Great book, by the way!


The US is one of two countries in the world where direct-to-consumer advertising by drug companies is legal…. and we are bombarded by them. The newest drugs are the ones that are the most heavily advertised, and yet the least is known about their safety. If we have to watch an endless stream of half-celebrities telling us to “ask your doctor about…” then the ads should at least give consumers some real information we can use. That’s why Consumers Union is petitioning the FDA to require drug companies to include a 1-800 number and web address in all drug ads on TV so consumers know where to report serious side effects. The easier it is for us to report side effects, the earlier the FDA can detect safety problems with a drug. Add your name to the petition now at www.PrescriptionForChange.org.


how bizarre. if we are not being sold out by out politicians, we are being lied to by corporations.

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