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Anita Danger

I agree the game was great! I have always waited for the Anheuser Busch commercials, Super Bowl and Anheuser Busch just seem to go hand in hand, but it was a little disappointing this time around. I can’t really say there are any commercials that really stuck with me, the E*Trade ad was one both my husband and I liked. Of course I’m sure it was the cute baby that drew me in and the silliness of the whole add that drew my husbands attention. I pretty much agree with the article and the picks of the good and bad ads.

Michael Covington

I am with your husband on this one Michele, I liked a few, but got a big kick out of the Clydesdale "Rocky" one. Yo Adrian!

Brett Feinstein


Do you have a link to the University of Alberta article you cited?

Nadine McKeen

in the last 20 minutes (@ 9 pm on sunday, 10 feb.) , the grammy awards re-ran the ronald mcdonald commercial. as soon as i heard paul newman's voice, i knew it was him...what woman who grew up in the 60's with hud and cat on a hot tin roof could not recognize the smokey timbre of his voice?

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