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Mary Schmidt

Good list. However, his first point about efficiency brings me to "efficient isn't the same as effective." Relationships are actually more important than ever due to word-of-mouth and all that increased communication. And, the less people have to spend - the more they'll want to make sure they're spending with the right people.

Perhaps he means companies can no longer indulge in simply talking about relationships - they gotta walk the talk (and at whatever speed the customer wants, can relate to.) At one "customer intimate" company I worked at back in the day we used to joke (internally and oh-so-cynically) "Yeah, we want to be a 'partner' with you, Mr. customer. Just give us all your money!" I think those faux commitments may have seen their day. (At least I hope so.)

Personally I think some reality is good for our society. After all, it reads "pursuit of happiness " not "guarantee of happiness." The really sad thing is that so many people have so much stuff (for which they're in hock up to their chins) and they're still not happy.


Excellent point, Mary. I believe you're right - efficiency is the new relationship builder. I'm as guilty as the next person of talking about how women want strong "relationships," yet sometimes fail to explain what that really means. It's not all touchy-feely, oooh-i-love-you-i-really-love-you stuff. Sometimes a relationship and bond can be built on simply giving the customer an efficient experience in which to buy. Zappo's comes to mind - their no-hassle return policy is about as efficient - and bonding - as they come!

Dan Ider

We as a nation are now making negative net income = Spending > Income! Can you say "Danger Will Robinson." We need to wakeup and not continue to wear this path down.

Suggestions- 1) Make a budget 2) Stick to the budget 3) Find a way to make a side income (copyrighting- Glyphius, sell your junk on Ebay, do part-time call center work, etc.) 4) Stick to the budget!

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