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Mary Schmidt


Well if you're recommending it - I'll have to buy it!

Why is it that so many people would rather whine and resist (the old-time marketers and media) than embrace the exciting new world of communications and opportunity? (Oh, guess Seth answered that, didn't he?)

As for soy meatballs, I'm not a fan - but soy bacon is pretty darned good! ;-)

Teresa Morrow


I am so excited that you interviewed Seth Godin...he is one of my favorite authors (and I am not just saying that). This is because he gets to the point and purpose with his writing and I like that alot. I recently purchased the "Free Prize Inside" by Seth Godin and the first night I had it I read half the book. Great information! I am planning on purchasing Meatball Sundae this coming weekend. I will come back to do a mini book review. I know I will enjoy it.
I will though, respond to the above discussion about the new types of marketing methods out there such as social networking sites, podcasts and blogs as being the way to gain more exposure and in turn more customers for business. They do work and like Seth, I don't believe they are going anywhere. I do think that there will be variations of these types of sites over time, but the premise of these types of business marketing will be around for awhile. Also, marketing to the masses-why do that? Everyone can't be your customer anyway, right. So why take the time to market to everyone.
And for the soy meatballs or any meat on a sundae, I believe I will pass. However, an absolutely great unforgettable title for a book!
Thanks again Michele for posting your interview with Seth.

Reid Wegley


Thank you for the interview with Seth. I agree with the majority of the content in Meatball Sundae, but also feel this book has a fatal flaw.

Feel free to join the argument on Seth's Squidoo site:


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