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Scott Howard

Thank you for spelling out and sharing examples of how many different ways there are to reach people, once again!


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Piotr Jakubowski

Based simply on the human need to communicate and gossip (exhibit A: the racks of tabloid magazines), you'd think that these companies would better understand the most effective ways of advertising to their customers.

From what I have learned, the companies that have branded the best may not always provide superior products. They always, however, provide superior service. One of my favorite brands is Singapore Airlines, their service is just in a league of its own. And guess what, I talk about it all the time. If people are flying on routes that are offerred by SQ, I make an effort to let them know that they are available, and they will impress. (A hard sell with all these horror flight stories, right?)

It's just like the example you mentioned of the NB shoes above and the personal touch. I believe that every person is willing to spend more on something they believe truly connected with them. And if my friends talk to me about the positive experiences that they have had with a product or company, why wouldn't I listen to them.

Would you say that we live in an experience econoomy?

Sharon Gutowski

What you say is so true! For me, not being taken seriously is the one thing I will not tolerate under any circumstances especially from sales people. I encounter this sometimes when I go to buy camera or computer equipment. Most people's paradigm of professional photographer is a man, and some people just don't believe me. I never buy from anyone who tries to tell me what I want, or tell me why I'm wrong to ask about something they don't carry.

Most people think the bride is in charge of weddings, but I wouldn't say that's the case. Most brides want happy husbands and parents often have a voice in things also.


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