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Mary Schmidt

Yep, as much as we complain about web marketing - what would we do without it?

That's how:

- I found a supply of Valomilks
- I ordered St. Ives hand lotion in bulk for my Mom (she lives in tiny town, Oklahoma)
- I ordered Morton's Hot Salt for Mom.
- I replenish my supply of Bill Blass perfume.

It's also how I feed my jones for cookbooks, classic TV shows and...comics - ur, graphic novels that I can't find anywhere else, unless I want to spend my time trolling dark little stores, which may or may not have the titles. Next planned purchase: Marvel's Zombie World. Maybe some Red Sonja and the Fable World series next collection.

Tim Miles


Following your lead:

Stuff I always thought I'd buy in the store but found something cool online purchase: Mints, Gum, and Toothpaste from Epic Dental

Not as easy to find (legally)as you might think purchase: To Kill a Mockingbird in iPod Video format from LikeTelevision

Wow my transactional shopping bargain hunting wife saved almost 50% by searching purchase: Ecco Golf Shoes from Zappos

Most recent God Bless Amazon Prime nerd purchase: 20ft DVI-D cable to hook my Mac Book Pro up to my big screen from Amazon.

Strangest I didn't know you could buy that online purchase: the sound effect of a woman gasping from Sounddogs.

These exclude iTunes purchases and countless airline, hotel, rental car, and design app and plugin purchases (I haven't bought software in a box in years.)


I've become addicted to ordering pictures online. I can upload them to Shutterfly in moments, click a few times, and have them delivered to my doorstep - all without stepping foot in a Walgreens. Shipping may take a couple of days, but honestly, it's probably faster than if I would take the time to save my photos to a CD or Flash drive and actually drive to a Walgreens to order them or pick them up.

Bob Browning

Hey - get a bottle, add olive oil (good stuff) good balsamic vinegar, wholegrain mustard, and sugar (or honey). Give it a good shake.

Less tme than ordering online and it will taste great. If it doesn't add more vinegar.

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