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Your update has actioned me to comment - really to say that Revlon seem to think they are beyond a response - afterall we are only potential customers!


I'll bet your blog stats reflect that Revlon people have been frequent visitors to Wonder Branding. Seems to me that few of the 'Big Brands' have taken the next step after 'listening' to 'participating' in conversations. I often think that dropping a comment or contacting a blogger may be more frightening to some than launching a blog.

Brenda Stephens

I've just spent all day searching stores for vital radiance. I came home and searched the web for it and came across your site, to find out that it had been withdrawn from the market. I find it insane that Revlon has cancelled this product. It was the best foundation I have ever found. Does anyone know of a similar product?


I was also searching the Revlon web site to find Vital Radiance. I guess I got my answer - that I'm not going to find it anywhere. It was my favorite foundation. Oh how I wish I could get my hands on a tube of almond for normal skin!!!!!!! Wah!

Katie Konrath

That's really a shame that your post has had such a great response--with many people saying how thrilled they are with the line--and Revlon isn't paying attention.

Perhaps they don't realize that smart, savvy women are reading blogs, and that an outpouring of support means that there is a lot of hidden potential for their product. It seems like your blog post has uncovered tons of customer evangelists for Revlon's line--and they're perfectly happy ignoring that.

Interesting thing: there's nothing more expensive than marketing a new product. On the other hand, finding customers who love your product so much they're willing to write about it is priceless (and free marketing!)

It's too bad their current cost-cutting will prove to be more expensive in the long run when they want to sell to this same target market again.




WHAT!!!!! I can't get Vital Radiance anymore.... This is THE best makeup I have ever used!!! Revlon needs to take note of this site!!!


Disgusted to find that Revlon has discontinued this line. I did an internet search after finding that CVS is no longer carrying it, and found this page. The VR age spot concealer is the best concealer I have ever used, perfect consistency and coverage, not just for age spots! But......I found that Amazon.com is still carrying the VR products! And yes, they have the foundation in almond for the gal who wanted it!


I am SO disappointed in REVLON! My local Rite Aid carried the Vital Radiance line and I was so happy to not need to travel 45 minutes away to buy the best makeup EVER! My favorite is the Cool Vanilla and it doesn't ever look cakey; just natural and nice...Crappy move REVLON! Clinique has a really nice line, I hear...


I also thought this was the best makeup,covered without being heavy and matched my skin tone perfect,I bought something one week, went back the next and it was gone,never to return, and I will not buy anything Revlon again,Good Bye Revlon.


I have to agree that this was the best make up I have ever used and I dont even like foundation! Finally after finding one that I could live with and actually like...I am so upset that I cannot get it anymore. If anyone can find something similiar can you please share?


Why is Revlon discontinuing this Vital Radiance line? This product line was the best.......and I had been using Lancome for years. Their eyebrow eyeliner pencil was the perfect shade for me.......I've always had difficulty finding one in "blonde", but their color was perfect and stayed on! Well, here I go searching again......

Eleanor Barneck

Someone - please bring Vital Radiance back, even another company? Something similar please. Definitely the best makeup for me and I am 76 yrs. Have tried them all and keep returning them, Dept. Store brands, nothing works like Vital Radiance.

Eleanor Barneck

Someone - please bring Vital Radiance back, even another company? Something similar please. Definitely the best makeup for me and I am 76 yrs. Have tried them all and keep returning them, Dept. Store brands, nothing works like Vital Radiance.


I too am so disappointed that this product has been discontinued. It was by far the best foundation (and primer) that I've ever used. I've emailed Revlon several times asking if they have similar products within their company and they didn't even bother to respond back! I too will not buy another Revlon product due to the lack of respect that they've shown their customers!!! By the way, you can find Vital Radiance products online at Amazon.com. Hurry before it disappears completely!


I searched for some Vital Radiance replacement products for my used up products and after searching multiple stores, was told that Reveloon discontinue the line! These products are VERY good. I use the foundation, eye primer, eyeliner pencils and concealer. What's the deal REvlon????

Cindy Linsinbigler

Cant believe i cant find the face primer/cool/petal from vital radiance. I loved that stuff, has anyone seen it. Bring it back Revlon.


Same here!!! I really loved that makeup, and I'm not that picky. It felt soooo good on my face. I'm 48 and I need that makeup!!! PLEASE....BRING IT BACK


Check out E Bay Auction Website for Vital Radiance. There are a number of sellers selling this range. Check out Silver6829 for Smoothing Face Primer in 002 Petal, 001 Apricot, Soft Dimension Powder Blush in Coral and Bronze, Age Spot Concealer and Dark Circle Corrector.

Elaine Page

This is some of the best face primer, etc. I've ever used. Is Revlon doing so well that they don't care what we want? I don't care much for other Revlon products. This seems to be so popular that I cannot believe their advertising and sales departments are paying so little attention to the people who are their "bread and butter"! How dumb is that?


I love this product ive been looking all over for it.... I bought this line softening makeup at target about a year ago its the best make up i ever use and it stays the whole day i love it but where can I get them Is there any other brand that are similar to it if you knw of something pls email me back

Sandy Wright

I, tried the VR Face Primer and loved it!
Unfortunately, like all the others, found when I went back to purchase more of the same product and to try others, that Revlon had discontinued the line. How disappointing! REVLON -- wake up! We women
are telling you to bring back VR! How can we "spread the word" to our friends and associates if it is no longer available???

Kathie Vaught

I have used Vital Radiance (and bought up some in advance) and absolutely love it. I don't believe I have ever applied makeup better or used better makeup.


Well here it is April 2009, and I can't find Vanilla for normal/combination skin anywhere. It is still possible to find Vanilla for normal/dry skin on eBay. Any ideas about other brands out there that give a nice glow to aging combination skin? What about that CoverGirl Simply Ageless with Olay ingredients? Anyone try that?


I noticed today that Amazon carries Vital Radiance.

Shortly before Revlon stopped carrying Vital Radiance I went to their website & downloaded a list of "alternative product recommendations". Of course, they recommended the Revlon Age Defying line. I have used it before & I am back to using it now. I do like it. I really miss the "face primer". The one they recommended is "Ultima II Under It All" which I have not tried.

I loved that make-up line (Vital Radiance)!

marlene marranca

I can not believe this product has been dumped. What is wrong with Revlon....why can't they just leave things as they are. It was the best face primer out there and I have tried them all!

wanda carr

vital radiance is far above any foundation i have ever used.
i'm very sad that i can no longer find it anywhere.
Revlon I'm dissappointed in you.


I too love VR, the face primer especially. I contacted Revelon and got "alternative". I will never buy another Revelon product! This one was sooo great, why would they disconinue?? It is still available, ebay has some...but wondering where they get it and is it old, they don't state any expiration date.


Hi I've just came across this and thought I'd tell you all about the discovery I have made...
I was out shopping and it seems Poundland sell Vital Radiance products !

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