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Janet Green

Ah Michele, I was WONDERING when you would write about HD!

Regarding women riders, I applaud all they're doing to reach out to us. Newer bikes (some of them) have lower seat heights, easier-to-pull clutches, and are lighter-weight. Their owner publications (Enthusiast, Hog Tales, HOG website) feature women riders and their stories more and more. They need a little help in correctly "sizing" their clothing, and they need to hire some female sales people apart from the apparel department!

I've read one blogger this week who thinks HD's "courting women" will lead to their downfall because he says men will abandon the brand as women take over "the product." What bunk! My experience has been just the opposite - the men in MY life applaud my choice to ride my own and are not threatened one whit by the fact that tweaks in the "product" (the bike) benefit women as well as men. As I told him in his comments, it's not courting women that will be HD's downfall - if in fact they suffer a downfall. It's the fact that the market which craves the Harley mystique is aging itself out of the hobby, and they don't have the right product yet to capture the imagination of the next generation, male OR female.

Thanks for the opportunity to talk about HD - let's get you to a garage party pronto!!

~ Janet (www.bikerchicknews.com and www.marketingideablog.com)


I've been riding for nearly 20 years - but haven't had my own bike in a while. But, it's time. I wouldn't have considered a HD - leaning toward BMW and Honda for their lower to the ground, lighter bikes that still have plenty of power. I saw that article, too and it's pretty convincing. I plan to check them out.

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