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Mary Schmidt

But, I'd love to see how this clueless company would do a "funeral special..."

Michael Rubin


Thanks for sharing this. Indeed, it does boggle the mind why a business so dependent on goodwill and positive word of mouth would almost intentionally create situations that generate negative experiences? Do they think that videographer hasn't heard of YouTube?

As for your notion of "short-term thinking", I would suggest that the wedding industry itself is caught in that trap. Having gotten married just over 18 months ago, the experience is still fresh in my and my wife's minds. We had the pleasure of dealing with wonderful people and businesses who wanted to make our day special. Sadly, we also had to deal with people whose clear motive for getting in the wedding business was the almighty dollar. Unfortunately, all too many businesses hear the word "wedding" and add an extra zero (or two) to their regular price.

Glad to see your still kicking butt as always.

...Michael (ex-WOMMA)

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