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Mary Ellen Merrigan

Customer service stories like this make me laugh, even tho they're sad. I got so entertained that I read your whole blog page when really I just came to add you to my recommended links.


Hi Michele,

dropped by and left a comment earlier...not sure it has showed up. Oh dear....sorry about your sister's experience. thats a mess and not something we can be proud or happy about. Wondered if everything is resolved for your sister, even though it should not have required that work on her part...its suppose to be "easy as Dell." it was not, clearly. Our apologies.

Could you have her drop us a note at "[email protected]" mention your blog and my response so we can follow up with her?

Thanks for the post with feedback for us....we will get on it and fix it for the future.

Steve Mertz

Hi Michelle, Several compnanies that sell to Walmart have complained that Walmart not only squeezes their margins but encourages the vendors to use less expensive materials in their products...Good-Bye stock price of Dell and what little they had left of customer service.


I had the same exact experience with Dell!! Ill try to make a long story short. Somehow my order got canceled, talked to someone in India, had the order re-done and then all of a sudden, i am getting double of everything i ordered!!! I tried talking to them on the phone, and on the website via chat-- ITS IMPOSSIBLE. I will NEVER order from Dell again!

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