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Mary Schmidt

I'm looking forward to this one! I, for one, am not "anti-aging." I know I'm getting wiser with age. Sure, the body is changing, but that's natural. So, I'm not "anti-aging" - I'm "pro-looking good" (or something like that.) I'm fine with having wrinkles - I just don't want to look like a basset hound.


The Dove Pro Age line is on the market. Visit http://www.dove.co.uk/uk_en/uk_en/index.html
Additionally, I was amazed to find out that all the models are over 50!

Liz Stoncheck

At 22 years old, I am very aware of the effect of the media on body image. My mother does not know how beautiful she is, and is willing to suffer under painful cosmetic procedures to "preserve" her youth.

I have followed Dove's campaign for real beauty since the beginning, and am very excited about the Pro-Age line.

Dove will change the world; it surely needs to change.


Hi, I am 46 years old and am very interested in how to become a dove pro age model.I work as a fashion expert for Express/Limited corp.
I am also a fragrance vendor. I am the oldest empolyee at Express and people love the way I dress. I dress age appropriate but also very trendy. I help other women who are in thir late thiries early fortys that are so afraid of dressing "younger" They think that when they hit a certain age you cannot be fashionable. Well I prove to them that you sure can and they feel so great when I put an outfit together for them that they never thought would look great on them. I love what dove is doing because there is no age limit on being beutiful. I always tell my customers that do wear what is comfortable but make it look fresh and young. I dont mean tummies hanging out or anything like that just not dowdy looking. I have had women cry because thy do not know how to dress for their age, so Ihelp them change and they feel great and so do I. You can still look sexy in a classy way at any age. Please contact me if you are looking for any models. I am 5'4 about 110 lbs and I have four grown children and a husband. But i make sure I look as good as I can. Age is a number. Thank You,Melissa McDonald
Atlanta email:[email protected]

Chuck Nyren

It all started in England. Here's the latest TV spot:


I wonder if a U.S. version is in the works...

lynn senick

i like the concept...encouraging women and society to accept and appreciate real women but i am uncomfortable with dove using it to sell products. again our image is co-opted for commercial purposes. why do our bodies have to continue to be used by others??? i am starting to believe native beliefs about the camera stealing our soul.

La Verne Rochelle-Harrington

I am married wiht foru adult children, grandmother of five and a greatgrandmother of one. Iam a early child educator and I work in a back up child development center in the downtown area of Chicago. In addition to that Iam a student in education at St Xaiver University in Chicago. I love spending time with my family and reading is a hobbie I enjoy. But better than every I get up every morning to see the wonders of life.that in it self is a blessing. I have always love the felling of dove soap on my skin, I love to bathe and dove makes that time more relaxing. I would like very much to model for dove. I am 61 years of age and I look pretty good the young ladies in my class at school cannot believe I this old .



Glenna Auxier

My Mother is 93 years and has the most fantastic complexion. She also has the most incredible blue eyes. She wears lipstick and a little blush that's it!. Mother has never been under the knife, has not used retin-a and has never had botox. Her eyes are just as tight above the lids as can be she would make a great cover girl for your new campaign. Mother has used Dove to wash her face for about the last 15 to 20 years.


Doesn't anyone here worry that they are promoting promiscuity and exhibitionism? Both of which are doorways to severe emotional disease! We saw their ads in BH+G and had to start ripping out pages so the kids wouldn't see. Soft porn is soft porn by any other name, age doesn't matter, especially to kids!


Oh brother. That last post is really sad. Some Americans are way too fixated on the behavior of others. If you don't like it, don't look. But save the pages you tear out so I can have them. Hubba hubba.


I think it's extremely refreshing to see girls who look normal like me modeling for dove. I'm only 19 and I know what the media does to girls growing up seeing nothing but size 0 models everywhere they look. It makes you dream about your face being on those bodies and seeing doves new campaign snaps me back into reality and makes me realize that I am normal and beautiful.

JJ Pritchett

As a high school teacher, a mother of two daughters, and one who has always struggled to live comfortably in her own skin, I am thrilled with this campaign. In my 43 years I have seen paradigms shift on a number of issues,to shift women's views of themselves from critical to accepting can have has much impact on our society as the equal rights ammendment. Confident women are powerful. Way to go, Dove! I want to campaign alongside you. What can I do to help>

roma paul

i am 48 years young i have been useing dove products for as long as i can remember, this is a wonderful idea dove has came up with. i would like to be a model for you guys i am beautiful everywhere i go people compliment me on my skin i have two grown kids my daughter is 29 and my son is 22 people always think i am his date the reason for that is i look 15 years younger. here in new york i own a daycare center.i am classy and very sexy .please contact me at 347 249 3189.

Francesca Cook

Like many others, I too love Dove. I am 59, size 8 and would love to be in yoour ads as a model. I recently had spinal surgery and used Dove products during my stay in hospital. Had the whole ward using the products by the end of my stay.
Don't know what URL means so left it blank!!


hi, i am a young looking 38 yrs old breast cancer survivor. Way back, I have always pay attention to my fitness and health no matter what situation i am in. Even during treatment and after treatment, i have tried damn hard not to deteriorate. But recently my boyfriend of 5 yrs had started to struggle to accept with what cancer had done to my body. He refuse to accept any accusation of being shallow but i can see it in his eyes and body language. Now i am struggling as well, i do not blame him coz all his friends show off their beautiful perfect girlfriend. I dont know what to do, i love my boyfriend so much, i need to make him love my body again inspite of my awful scar. I know im still beautiful in and out. if only i can show him, being a dove model would mean everything to me and i think would help and inspire other young breast cancer survivor to be still proud of their bodies.

Carol Ramsey

Hi, I am 60 years old and I am very interested in becoming a Dove Pro-age model. I am married the mother of three grown children and the grandmother of three boys. In my former life I worked as an Administrator providing services to children, adult and families at risk.

Over the years I have been approached by younger women and men who have asked what is my secret? I tell the young women I have used Dove and ice water for over 20 years and I love spending time with my family and children. Therefore I am blessed becuase they insire me. I am 5' 5", approximtely 155 lbs.

Thank you for our time and I hope to hear from you in the near future.


Eugenia Brewer

Like many others I too love Dove. I'm 69, size 6 and would love to be a Dove model. I'll be 70 years old in March of 2008. I have a daughter 47 & a son 45. I exercise and pump iron 5 days a week to keep my body toned. I love myself and live my life with a sense of passion. I'm a beautiful Black women who loves the Lord and her fellow man.

Eugenia Brewer
Debi Simmons

Hi, I will be 50 in a few months. Almost everyday at work people are amazed at my age. I am constantly being mistaken for being in my early thirties. I have five children ranging in ages 9 to 23. People can not believe I have a 23 year old. I exercise four times a week, eat healthy and have used Dove for years. People compliment me often on my skin and ask what I use. My Mother also is 85 and the other day someone guessed her to be in her sixties. She has amazing skin, exercises at the gym,and all around is just in great shape! We would love to be Dove Pro-age models! Thank you, Debi

Gretchen Beasley

Hi!!! I am a 58 year young and love your product!!! I am the Grandmother of six, 5'9, 139 lbs, size 6 and live in a rual area of Clanton Al. We have two horses and I love to ride. I think you need me as a model dressed in our horse riding atire to let people know that country people use your product also!!!! Please e- mail me soon!!!!!!

Rosalind Miller

I just celebrated my 50th birthday. My 25-year-old son celebrated it with me. There is no one in this world that could come close or even guess my age. When I am out with him (clubs, restaurants, malls) and he mentions that I am his mother (very-proud son) people are in awe. I have been using Dove along with Oil-of-Olay for the past 25 or so years. But I have found that it is not only what you put on the outside but what is on the inside (inner feelings) that has helped me to be the person I am. I am a people's person and I feel the need to present my beauty to the rest of the world. I saw the episode on Oprah's show about Dove Pro-Age and that really inspired me. I would like information on how to become a Dove Pro-Age Model.

Carolyn C.

I just turned 55 in November. Don't feel my age and don't feel I look my age...or so I have been told. I feel like I aged a lot a few years ago because I lost my precious mom and a dear girlfriend. I have been married for 34 years and my husband still tells me that I am pretty. Isn't he sweet!! If you need a new model..give me a chance..will look forward to hearing from you.

Debbie Fenton Ogilvie

Hello.I am 50 years young!!!!I am a mother of three a grandmother I am not OLD nor am I an apple doll..
I get sooo tired of the idea that 50 is old washed up and ready for the rocking chair and knitting needles..
I am young inside and out I crawl through the jungle gym with my grandaughters,skip with my 13 year old daughter and I can hold my own with the younger chicks at my gym any day..
when it comes to my appearance its all about class I love to dress like a lady,walk like a lady and act like a lady No I prob am not super gorgeous nor super thin,but who cares I am super healthy I love my life I love my kids and at the end of the day this is what really matters..
I would love to be a dove model I would love to show women..to take what You are given and be the best you,that you can be and thats perfection...
p.s. I am 5'3" and 125lbs and I workout regular and am told that I look much younger than my age

dove philippines

I must say that dove is really effective i assure you that. By the way you have a nice blog and i am looking forward to your next post.


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