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That really gets my blood boiling. Poor customer service is always frustrating. The sales rep that your husband was interacting with was not very good at qualifying him before he blew him off...
Making assumptions about people and their buying habits with out due process is dangerous for a business. One can never tell how well-off or versed on the subject matter a prospect is until there are questions asked and customer engagement.
I guess some other sales person will be helping to make your kitchen a beautiful place.


If you thought that was fun try going into an implement dealer knowing what you need but the man behind the counter thinks he knows more. I feel your husband pain!!!!

Kathryn Lagden

I can totally sympathize. Planning 'our' wedding earlier this year WE faced the same thing. My hubby was a star at taking on a lot of the decision making but like your husband found that service providers weren't that eager to talk to him. It was incredibly frustrating, especially when I was with him and made it clear that hubby was the one to talk to...they still tried to sell to me. The day came together just fine but it really opened my eyes to gender biased customer service.


I have personally faced the same problem when going into hardware stores. I am not approached as often or as energetic as the men are. I have extensive customer service experience so to be treated this way really frustrates me. It is the salesperson's dedication, superior service and conduct that will enhance the company's image to the public. One bad experience could taint the reputation of the company. A company must hire the best people and educate and empower them to satisfy each and every customer regardless of gender.

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