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Joe Ely

Zimmer did well here on several points...I'm also in medical devices. The female knee is different from the male knee...not just smaller. Subtle differences in aligment, largely due to different hip orientations. This is a key reason why more female athletes have knee surgery than male athletes...it all just lines up a little differently.

Interestingly, our society's focus on gender equality gets in the way of such a discussion or development. Pity, but true. Zimmer here does a nice job of handling this and should be commended.

Also amazing that Zimmer is located here in Indiana, and a rural part of Indiana to boot, not your typical "aware of women" region.

Your point is well made, Michelle...it isn't that difficult (or, as many say in Indiana, "it ain't dat tuff") to make an offer appealing to women. It DOES take some different thinking.

Kelley Connors

Zimmer is a great example of how medical and pharma companies can create relevant and compelling branding around innovative products that add value to women's lives whether they are athletic or not. Interestingly, the Society for Women's Health Research is championing alot of gender research and is getting the word out for women to be part of clinical trials as they haven't been in the past. Thanks Michelle for bringing this interesting case to the forefront!

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