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Well, Michelle, at least you can make lots of contributions to your local library's used book sale...new crisp books on the pile are a help to them!!

Michael Wagner

Michelle - great example of what it takes to get past the “sameness filter” that resides in everyone's mind.

I like how Jack balanced being different (the flying pig) with being relevant (a personal note and comment on your blog posting). This is an art and is exactly what we long for as real human beings being addresssed in the marketplace.

Instead we get novel and eccentric messages without relevance. Or customer-centered pitches that are the same vanilla "come on" everyone else is hawking.

I’d say Jack understand brand ownership.

Way to go Jack! And thanks for telling the story Michelle!


You go, Jack - I look forward to sharing your book with my clients.

As for the rest of the book promotion world - when will you go the extra mile to make your product or service relevant to those who matter? I know, I know... when pigs fly.

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