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Laura Bennett

Michele, I hear you!

I got sick of receiving approximately 3 credit card offers to our household every day - I couldn't keep up with the shredding - so I signed up on the Direct Marketing Association's do not mail list, and have noticed an appreciable difference (although it took a couple of months). Perhaps you could try that?
The link is: http://www.dmaconsumers.org/cgi/offmailinglist

Of course, you could have recently signed up for a new magazine so some magazine organization could say that you have a relationship with them and they are within their rights to bombard you with junk...

Mary Schmidt

Yes, I'm still getting stuff addressed to "Mr. Achmidt" so I know exactly who sold the name to the lists (the typo started with a non-profit eoons ago.)

Why don't the "direct marketers" get how incredibly stupid this is? Hey, even if we were incredibily lonely hermits whose life lights up when we get anything addressed to us, we're probably not the best targets. And the companies are wasting tons of money that could be better spent on integrated, interactive marketing programs that would attract and keep loyal customers.

Rant on...


This is so one of my peeves. Charity organizations apparently do the same thing. I made a small donation to the Heart & Stroke Foundation and now suddenly I've been bombarded with donate to use packages from everybody with a charity number. You know the ones with the cards or address labels etc. What a waste of trees. The invasion doesn't make me want to donate.

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