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Laura Bennett

Michele, this has to be the best summary I have ever seen of the differences between men and women when buying - bravo! We have been researching this topic extensively and I haven't seen anything that says it all in such a nicely visual way. Just what a woman wants - thanks!


Mary Schmidt

Wow! And who says blogging doesn't have any value. Look at the great (and free) summary you just did. I have to admit, however, I tend to buy more like men. BUT, if the service is a problem - I'm going to tell everyone, write the company CEO and NEVER buy from the company again. So there (nyah-nyah). But seriously, folks - all goes to - regardless of the basic buying behaviors and buttons of the targets - service is the deal maker or killer.


"For women, it’s all about connecting"

Hi Michele - I think you've tapped into something bigger than even you may realize - for women it is all about connecting - in an all-encompassing manner - but not for *them* - women don't need to go through a complicated process of correction that requires serious male bonding - but on a
subconscious level they know that that's why we were put here. Women who are in this world really just sort of volunteered to come help the men reach that state. (God only knows how much they need us!) Yes, we are wired very differently because our roles are very different - but together we form the perfect 'vessel' for receiving all the abundance providence has in store for us.

I just looked at your video and now feel like I've known you forever! Hysterical stuff! We've all actually known each other forever and have about 200 years left to figure out how to put all the broken pieces of the first soul (Adam) back together again.

David Wolfe


Great piece! My wife and I look at each other in wonderment all the time when I walk into a store, either find what I want or not and move to purchase or exit the premises within five sweeps of the minute hand.

But she is what psychologists conducting a study of shopping behavior calls a "maximizer." She finds what she was looking for but then begins to be haunted by the thought that there's something better. In contrast Im a "satisficer."

See PBS interview

for a discussion of "satisficers" and "maximizers." Facsinating!

Happy Holidays to you and your satisficer husband.



what precisely you mean by the word "research"? Research is so general a word that it involves almost every skill (verbal, visual, talking to people etc). But you are attributing 'Research' to left brain?


David Adams

Dear Michele, I found the brain image via Google images and have used it to illustrate the home page of my website, which is all about using poetry in business to combine both sides of the brain to unlock creativity and drive innovation. I have given the source of the illustration, on the same page, as your blog address. Please let me know that you're happy with this.

Ms. Mer

Dear Michelle,

As people seem to enjoy your blurb, I am wondering...what research did you use for your information? I feel that your information is INCORRECT more than it is correct. Women are left (verbal), men right (context, big picture). Where is your proof??? I feel your information is quite like pseudoscience without peer reviewed support to uphold YOUR "theories."

Here is a link with resources from REAL SCIENTISTS who have done the research.


Thank you and keep those facts TRUE, seek the truth....


Dear Michelle,

I love the way you wrote the blurb from personal affects.The brain is my favorite thing to talk about,but noone eles likes it as much.So when you wrote your blurb it felt like you were saying it.If your research is correct than I would say this site is the site to get information on the brain.


the picture of that brain is the truth, and not just about marketing. about everything that's killing the earth.


we must to use brain everyday, i will know interest about brain.

stephanie meyer

I believe your facts are good. I wish you well.

stephanie meyer

Scratch that....
the facts are entertaining and fun.

Kayla Polaske

i was wondering if i could use the first picture with the split brain in my ITGS project for my school at Port St. Lucie High. I am currently in the IB program in my school and im doing a project that is about Logic in a mathematical sense. I would love to use your picture in my Power point. I just need your permission. Thank you


need more explanation about left and right sides of the brain



anna squires

I own a buisiness that women connect to emotionally and i think this is great thinking.

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