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Mary Schmidt

Hear, hear re Enterprise! I've always had excellent luck with them - in multiple locations. And, I'm with you - I don't care if they charge more - they're worth it.

Here in the quirky burque, once unexpectedly found myself on a Friday afternoon with no car. Among others, I called both Hertz and Avis (where I had el-primo "memberships") Got curt "We don't deliver" (this when the ad said they did) and/or "We close in five minutes" answers. The young man at Enterprise, however, said he'd be on his way just as soon as he closed up shop. He didn't have to do this - it was quitting time after all. But, he did - and seemed happy to do so. So, yep, I will always call Enterprise first.

Steve Sherlock

This sounds alot like the Concierge Service Delivery model I just heard and wrote about that Blue Cross/Blue Shield of MA uses. One of their main points is to "take the customer out of the loop", which is just what Heather did for you here. For more on the Concierge Service Delivery model, check out my posting: http://p4tgce.blogspot.com/2005/11/bcbs-and-concierge-service-delivery.html

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