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Yvonne DiVita

Very true, Michele. The trick is to know your women clients or customers, and to sell to them as if they matter. Not as if getting the sale is the only thing that counts, but as if the individual woman shopping at your place is your only client -- and meeting her needs is the first, best thing you can do.

Blogs are great tools for this. By reading Mommy bloggers and Daddy bloggers (yes, Dads have a say these days) you'll get more insight into women, both collectively and individually, than ever before. And, you'll have an opportunity to engage them in conversation.

So, what's not to like about that?

Holly Buchanan

I can just see this girl looking behind her and going - "Who's that crazy chick speeding after me trying to take my picture?"

I once had a friend totally irritated with me because I call myself a Democrat, but I share several beliefs that are traditionally touted by Republicans. He told me I could not be a Democrat.

women especially have skills to hold almost opposing beliefs at the same time. It confounds the hell out of advertisers and others who must label people in order to understand them.

Awesome post.


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