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Yvonne DiVita

Life is so coincidental...it's scary, sometimes. Here I am right in the middle of the Rocky Mountains, and you're writing about women and newspapers, via the Rocky Mountain news! Not to mention...I'm introducing blogging to my daughter (who live just outside of Boulder) and YOUR blog is one of the examples I showed her! Great post. I'll be referencing it in a future Lip-sticking, you can count on that.

Pam Hawkins

Well, thank God they aren't advertising in the Denver Post...

As for print ads in newspapers, you're right. What a waste of good paper. Newspapers used to be for news...duh. News articles are cut from the bottom to accommodate ads. Result: no complete articles and angry readers at 1)the editors who chose money from ads over copy, and 2) anger at the advertisers who spoiled the story.

And people wonder why women aren't buying newspapers? Wait until the men want more than the first two graphs....

Clue: we may not all use newspapers for birdcage lining; some of us have just opted to unsubscribe to local newspapers and prefer to go to online papers.

All in all, not a good choice for advertising.

Bethany Murray

You are absolutely correct!! I'm a sixty-year old woman with a Master's degree and I haven't subscribed to a newspaper in about 10 to 15 years. The reason? I felt invisible! I didn't like that my interested were delegated to the "Women's Section" which was usually were cooking and department store ads were prominent.

What I like about online advertising is that it is directed at my interests. I know there are downsides to that, but at least it ends the invisibility issue.

I got to this blog exactly that way. Through Amazon.com sending me an email about a woman's book I might be interested in. I was, and bought two books. In addition, they suggested some links about women's lack of interest in Newspapers and the impact that may be having on advertising.

Thanks for writing. I'm interested. Bethany

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