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Congrats! I will have some cake in your honor. No, no, I insist. :-)

Katherine Stone

Happy Birthday! Decent Marketing just celebrated its birthday a few days ago, so we're both February babies. Who knew when we started that we'd still be doing this a year later, and still have something to say? Glad you're still going strong!

Dave Young

I can't believe it's been a year!
You've been an inspiration to a lot of people, both Wizard of Ads family and others.
Keep it up!
See you in Buda.

Jon Strande

Michele, Congratulations!! I looked forward to reading you for many years to come!!

I'm so with you on the connections thing about blogging - I was chatting with another blogger last night who also started about the same time we did, and it is just amazing the people we've become closer to in that time frame and the new ideas that we've grown as a community.

David Wolfe

Dear Michele,

Congratulations to all of your friends, like me, who discovered you once they entered the blogsphere. Lucky find for all of us! We all love you!

And congratulations to you for having achieved your one-year blogging anniversary with just as much wisdom for us all in each posting as you had in your first offerings to us.

We all expect no less of you than to have us once again congratulating you one year from now!


Yvonne DiVita

You were my inspiration when I first began blogging. I'm still jealous of your neat video! Your blog is one I always click into from bloglines, no matter what. Congrats on your anniversary. Many more to come, no doubt.

Pamela Hawkins


Congratulations on your first anniversary. Not only have I enjoyed your blogs, but I owe my own flight into the blogosphere to you. Thanks so much.

Blog on! Blog on! Blog on!

felix gerena

Congratulations and keep writing with the same spirit.

Chris Busch

Congratulations, Michele. I enjoy your blog and know the commitment it takes to keep it going and relevant. Way to go!!

Steve S

Happy anniversary! May there be many more!

John Costigan

Congratulations Michele. You have opened a whole new awareness to my company. Knowledge is power, but attitude is infectious. You have both. All the best!

Wayne Hurlbert

It's always a special moment, in any endeavour, when a landmark date is reached. In this case, it's a wonderful blog achieving the first of many blogiversaries.


Dennis Collins

Hi Michele...It's Dennis from this weeks class. I'm a virgin "blogger." This is my first time ever, so I guess you got me hooked. I'm killing some time at the Atlanta airport on the way back to Miami.

Thanks again for a great seminar. You were well prepared, polished, professional, passionate about your topic, and you have a very powerful message.

Thanks for challenging and expanding my ideas about marketing to women.


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