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Pamela Hawkins


What do you think of the restrictions placed on Oscar ads this year? Frankly, I can't bemoan the absence of personal hygiene products which I find tacky anywhere and anytime. Can't some marketing creative come up with something more subtle than red dots?


Yvonne DiVita

Unfortunately, L'Oreal forgot women of color. I agree, Dove could have stolen the spotlight-- their ads are diverse in age and race-- that's on the cutting edge. The one problem with the Oscars is...the show tends to glorify a 'certain' kind of beauty-- with Mary Hart from Entertainment tonight at the heart of it. As entertaining as it is, it's really just a place for the women to show off their new dresses and hairdos. I enjoy it as much as the next person, but, it's a guilty pleasure. The standard is just impossible for us average girls.


I hear you, Yvonne -- I was very disappointed in L'Oreal screwing up the opportunity they had. Typical of traditional advertising... like riding on tires that should have been changed years ago.

My particular favorite ad was for OnStar, with children recounting their experiences during auto accidents - was an excellent job of reaching women indirectly. Did you see it?

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