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Danielle LaFleur

"sun-drenched..." *sigh* I miss AZ.

Slightly off topic – but no less important: When I get really stressed out I go to Home Depot.

Home Depot doesn’t do the greatest job marketing to women in comparison to Lowes. But they do let me sit in the big whirlpool bathtub (waterless of course) in their show room whenever I want and drink mochas. They know I’m not going to buy but customers always stop by, first to grin at me, in jeans, sipp’en my brew, in a tub, without water, yet they always end up asking, “How do you like it? Is it comfortable?” I get free mochas and Home Depot gets some sales. Frankly, I think if they could shove me into a sink, freezer, and a dishwasher they would buy me lunch as well.

Customer Service vs. Marketing. I wish I didn’t have to choose sometimes.

Wayne Hurlbert

I don't see why marketing and customer service have to be seen as mutually exclusive. They are part and parcel of the same thing. (I like a redundancy every now and then.:-) )

Good customer service created customer evangelists and good old word of mouth advertising. Customer service usually costs nothing to implement.

On a side note: Michelle, your blog is off to a flying start and keeps getting better. I read it every day.

Wayne Hurlbert

Oops... I added an extra "l" to Michele. I just clicked the "post" button and thought, "oh no!"

A million apologies. :-)

Jon Strande

Great post!!!

Treating customers (people) well costs nothing. It's a shame that we have to label those types of job functions; Sales, Marketing, Customer Service... why can't we all just be part of one big "Make the customer our friend for life" department?

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