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Shelly on the Telly

I love the concept of a right hand ring!

I'm 31 and married does that mean advertisers should disregard me as simply a wife or mother? I don't think so.

I work in the media, I earn my own money, I have my own voice. Sell to me not a stereotype.

I'm not looking to buy jewellery at the moment but when I do it'll be a right hand ring and I'll be going to DeBeers.

Raise your right hand.

Holly Golightly

You work in the media? Really? Perhaps you should learn how to 1) punctuate properly and 2) learn how to spell JEWELRY.

Do you really need a "right-hand ring" to show you are independent and successful? Isn't that something you find in yourself? Do you not see how blatantly the diamond industry is exploiting women with this campaign? Can you not see they are a multi-billion dollar company vying for your hard-earned dollars by linking purchasing their product to YOUR power? You do not need a ring to show you are worth it. By spending more, you are only making them richer. Why not spend that money on a vacation to another country & get some culture in ya?!

Lowculture.com has another, more appropriate version of the ads:

Our left hand says 'greed.' Our right hand says 'monopoly.' Our left hand held down the slave laborer working in the mine. Our right hand searched his ass for any contraband. Women of the world, raise your right hand in favor of exploitation.


I like the idea, but no woman needs to prove herself with materialistic objects. I am only in college but I think having a great job or a wonderful family is a gem on its own. All women should be proud to have any of those things. If you have all of them, thats fabulous too.


Funny, I saw a beautiful diamond ring the other day that I wanted to buy to wear just because I loved it and then I saw this campaign. No one needs to get fiesty about this. It's a fun idea. Great marketing pitch. I'm impressed. Most intelligent women know this is a marketing pitch and aren't trying to prove something to the world. If they like it, they like it. If they don't, they don't. I think it's a fun idea.


To Shelley: Make sure you are aware of spelling conventions before you nitpick and disparage. You come off sounding illeducated and petty when you're wrong. And you ARE wrong. "Jewellery" is a British variant of "jewelry" and is in common usage in the U.K. and Canada at least.

This is a genius marketing ploy in the tradition of De Beers marketing to suit their commercial needs. Go read this article: http://www.theatlantic.com/doc/198202/diamond
Then decide if you really want to be manipulated to think that a diamond ring on your right hand has anything to do with your success and power.


I misinterpreted how names were assigned to comments, and see that I meant to address my comments about spelling to Holly who responded to Shelley.


The claim "Raise your right hand" is a slap in the face to many victims in Sierra Leone, who lost their right or left hands and limbs in the course of the civil war there - which was about diamonds and our hunger for them.

Cf. http://sierraeye.blogspot.com/search/label/Blood%20diamonds

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