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Judy Unk

I purchase all of the electronics in ,y household but rarely are they for me. I buy the latest components from my children and spouse. So i am not surprised that women lead in the purchases, we generally do the majority of the shopping

christopher carfi

michele, check out smartsilvers, at http://www.smartsilvers.com . susan, mike and the rest of the smartsilvers crew have been on the leading edge of this, both via providing information on this cultural change as well as via hosting events where speakers from both industry (e.g. intel) and academia (e.g. MIT) share their thoughts on how this shift is playing out. great stuff.

tammy vitale

This post really resonates for me. I love my digital camera. As an artist who blogs daily and posts new work, I would be lost without it. But husband buys for me because I can't figure out pixels and megabits on cards. I want to know how many high definition pictures I can get on the card. Same for computer...how many high definition pictures can I store? None of the places I've shopped can tell you that. Good for you for recognizing this!

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